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If you enjoy problem-solving, collaboration, and working under pressure then our escape games will be your new favorite activity. 

So how exactly do escape games work? You are given a mission and placed into a themed room that you must explore to find the hidden hints and clues. You may find a container that needs a password to open, or a lock that needs a key. If you work with your team, and use your wits, you can find the clues left behind, open all the locks, find the hidden items, and ultimately free yourself.

All of our games have a different theme that comes with a backstory which the player then figures out as they advance.


Our diverse games are designed to appeal to all ages and levels of escape room players. Our games range from a friendly 17th century fort to a not so friendly Asylum where you start blind folded and handcuffed.


We think you’ll find that all of our games are a blast! Learn more about Escape U's room themes on our Games page.


Wear comfortable clothing. You may be crawling on the floor, and there may be a lot of standing, sitting and searching for items on the ground. Our games are kept at 69 degrees year round. This helps keep the players comfortable while they run around. You may be chilly at first so bring a light jacket if you're prone to getting cold, but trust us, once the games begin things will heat up quickly.


Communicate with your teammates. Communication is one of the strongest factors between groups that escape and groups that do not. If you find something that may be a clue, make sure you tell everyone in the room; So if they find something similar, they will know you have found the other piece.

Question everything and have an extreme attention to detail. Most people think you have to be a genius to get out of an escape room: this is not true. The true key is to have an extreme attention to detail and question everything in the room. Remember, our game makers and puzzlers have meticulously designed every centimeter of the game with a purpose. Nothing is placed accidentally. Every item in the room either adds itself to the design and immersion or to the mystery at hand...or both. Having a keen detectives eye will greatly increase your chances of winning.

Also, it is helpful to gather all the clues you find and put them in one place. Put like items together and then put any clues or puzzles that have already been solved in a "finished" pile. 

Finally, while this may not apply to all escape rooms, Escape U has a one key one lock policy. This means that once you use a key it will not be used again. It is best to leave the key in the lock so as not to get your keys mixed up towards the end of the game.

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