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Show Those Snakes Who's Boss!

It's Saturday night in 1920's St. Augustine, and your friends have secured an invite to the most exclusive speakeasy in town: The Sneaky Snake Lounge. Newly opened in the heart of St. George street downtown, The Sneaky Snake Lounge is known for always throwing the most desirable of parties. The best drinks, music, and company awaits any and all invited.

All that's left is to throw on your favorite flapper dress and head down for a night to remember...right? Just one .. small issue. Unknown to your friends, you are a member of a rival gang who used to have the hottest place in town. You were raking in the dough before this new lounge opened by the sneaky snakes, with their world famous "Voodoo Venom" moonshine recipe.

So, what do you do? Make a better recipe? Hire better bands? Spruce the place up a bit? NO WAY! You're a gangster, and no one is moving in on your turf! Enough is enough and you've vowed to put that place out of business for good! Your network of spies has uncovered a weakness in the snakes armor and now is the time to strike! Gather your group and meet your informant in the alleyway just outside the lounge. Let's send those snakes off with a bang!

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